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5 Signs Spring is Coming To Waterbury

Although we're in the midst of a major snowstorm, it's a law of nature that spring will be showing up soon. (And that's fine with us!) Not so convinced? Here are 5 signs that spring is on its way to Waterbury, Vermont.   Pond skimming events - the art of racing down a mountain on the gear of your choice, then attempting to stay upright, and skim over a body of water. Costumes and waterproof electronics strongly encouraged. Sugar houses are boiling - watch billows of steam rise from smoke stacks as sugarers turn sap into the best maple syrup in the world

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1st Annual Gears & Beers Bar Crawl

Come out and support our local mountain bike club on April 30th, 2016 in downtown Waterbury.  Our sponsoring restaurants (Black Back Pub, The Reservoir, and Prohibition Pig) are all donating 5% of their draft sales all day to WATA.  We have also a special can release by our friends at The Alchemist!

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Changes to the Face of Maple Syrup in Vermont

Like cherries are to Michigan and oranges are to Florida, maple syrup is to Vermont without question. Based on information released by the Department of Agriculture for the 2014 syrup season, Vermont is easily the front runner for production of maple syrup in the U.S. Vermont produced around 1.3 million gallons of syrup. Vermont also has made its mark as a global supplier by producing 5.5% of the world’s supply of maple syrup. This is an amazing feat for a state that is ranked the 7th smallest based on square mileage and with a population of only around 620,000 people. There are almost more cows in Vermont than people. So, yeah… maple syrup is an important industry for the state, and there has become a deep, enriched culture around maple syrup production or what Vermonters call “sugarin’.” Have you ever tried “sugar on snow?” If you are from out of state, I doubt it. But ask a true Vermonter, and it’s a ritual every year.

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