Artist Preview: Waterbury Arts Fest

Over 100 Vermont Artisans and vendors will take over the streets of Historic Downtown Waterbury this weekend for the 2018 Waterbury Arts Fest. There will be no shortage of creativity and treasures – our curated collection of jewelers, metalworkers, painters, and potters will showcase their unique approach to the arts and designs will be available for purchase.

We’ve pulled together a few of the artists that will be attending to give you a taste of what’s to come. So get inspired, and join us on Saturday, July 14. 

Aurora Bryte Pottery

“I started Aurora Bryte Pottery out of love for Vermont – the state is immensely refreshing and peaceful. My pottery is for everyday moments, for extraordinary moments and the simplest of them. I’m overjoyed at being able to create pottery for you all, and I hope, from the corners of my heart that it will remind you of all your mountain memories, those moments of peace found within the Green Mountains and those moments of pure joy reminiscing about the adventures they supplied.” – Aurora Bryte Pottery

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Jewelry - Vault14 

“At Vault 14 my goal is to create jewelry that's not only fun to wear but also affordable.  All jewelry is designed and handmade by me in Vermont. You'll find styles ranging from free spirit bohemian to one of a kind clockwork. All pieces are created with love and passion.” – Vault14

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Painter - Brian Hewitt


“Brian Hewitt recently returned to the area to dedicate his time as a full-time artist. Using several artist techniques and unique perspectives, he creates art desirable to many art enthusiasts. Brian uses deep contrast, shadows, and vibrant colors in his work. ‘I tend to lean toward the 'wow' factor. I want my work to have an impact and be noticed but not to overwhelm a room.’ 

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Cathy Stevens Pratt - Cat Illustrates

"I've been making art all my life. Working as a graphic designer to earn my serious money in the serious world got to be too serious after about 25 years. My adoration of cats and mermaids leads me to want to make art full time. I have a family who supports this because it makes me happy! My art life and your support allow me to be at home with my little boy. My husband and I homeschool him, or maybe I should say HE educates US. I make art in the wee hours and am grateful for any creative time I can squeeze in." – Cat Illustrates

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Elm Harris – Sentimental Metalsmith

“I started making portrait jewelry after losing an awesome dog. That day came when I couldn't quite remember the texture of his fur, or the way he smelled, or exactly what his bark sounded like, or the sound he made in anticipation of his supper.  The ache of his absence was already nearly unbearable:  This forgetting of all the nuances of his "dogness" shattered me.

Creating a piece of jewelry – something tangible – helped me feel a physical connection to his memory. It gave me a container:  A way to hold those memories.  A way to touch them.

Though this path started with my dog, I cherish the personal connections I make with people when I create jewelry for them. I call myself a "Sentimental Metalsmith" because that's what I do. Sentimental work in metal.  I have a Masters Degree in Social Work, but over the past ten years, I've mastered a different sort of social- work:  Connecting with others and creating customized, personal and one of a kind jewelry to honor life's milestones and memories.  Jewelry that invites you to wear your love.” – Elm Harris

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Lots of great stuff, right? And the best part is – there’s a whole lot more! Come down to the Waterbury Arts Fest on Saturday to discover more beautiful work and talk to the artists face-to-face. 

For a full schedule of events for Friday’s Block Party and Saturday’s Arts Fest, check out The Ultimate Guide to the Waterbury Arts Fest. 

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