Exceptional Food
and Honest Drinks

Vermont's destination for food and beverage lovers

From brew with an attitude to crisp fixings from nearby farms, uncover the essence of Waterbury.

The local atmosphere of our candlelit restaurants, boisterous pubs, colorful cafes, and family eateries is anything but provincial. From barn to mill to blue stone slab, take in the ambience, delight in fine flavors and surprising blends, and let your palate lead you on a world tour right from your table, booth, or bar stool.

It’s no wonder Waterbury is one of Vermont’s leading destinations for food and drink lovers. Experience cuisine crafted by imaginative, award-winning chefs using specialty products direct from Vermont farms, as well as from around the globe. With choices to fit every budget, friendly service, and eclectic menus, Waterbury area restaurants support farm, neighbors and community.

Read about all our options on the For the Foodie and Beer & Breweries pages.

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