Tour the (un)Commonplace

Diversions and Excursions

Hiking in Waterbury

Boots on the Ground: Blaze Your Own Path Uncover the secrets hidden within Vermont’s lush forests, hidden lakes, and wooded streams. We’re hot on the trail to help you get to know Vermont from a different perspective with this diverse selection of the most stunning hikes in the Waterbury area. All hiking distances and times listed below are calculated based on a round trip. For hiking and snowshowing advice, packing lists, an extensive array of guidebooks, maps, and su... Read More

Waterbury Beer and Breweries

The Key to Uncommon Hoppi-ness North, South, Yeast, and West…Waterbury is at the center of it all. Whatever direction you go, sample Vermont’s beer culture and take your taste buds on a magical microbrew tour. Vermont’s beers have garnered national, and even global, accolades. Here in Waterbury, you can find these craft brews and many more on tap or by the bottle at pubs, select farmers markets, and food shops. Or base yourself here to head out on your own beer tour!  ... Read More

For the Localvore-Foodie

The Localvore Connoisseur: Uncommon Eats Check out sample menus here! In a state that focuses on community and the rural economy, “Buy Local” has become the anthem of Vermont. With so much abundance within the Waterbury region alone, “Feast Local” is our uncommon manifesto. Cafes and Snacks: Find the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Café & Visitor Center in a meticulously restored 1875 rail station. Grab your coffee drink, read about coffee’s lo... Read More

Waterbury Shopping

Take it to the Streets: Shop the real Vermont in Waterbury Waterbury may be small, but our trails, attractions, accommodations, dining - and shopping - are uncommonly mighty. You may define shopping as a form of relaxation or recreation; maybe it’s an important part of a vacation or even a necessity. Waterbury’s retail opportunities are eclectic, artistic, and uniquely ours. So take some down time, talk shop, and shop the real Vermont in Waterbury.   The Tiny Acorn: Toy... Read More

Water Activities in Waterbury

Waterbury: Water Defines Us Take the plunge and discover Waterbury’s state parks, reservoir, swimming holes, and the Winooski River. Swim, jump, dive, paddle, and fish; come up for air and take in our uncommonly pure natural environment. Water: it’s in our name. Looking forward to spending a calm day at the beach, relaxing with a good read or taking time with family? Waterbury Center State Park is located on a 90-acre peninsula, surrounded by a reservoir created b... Read More

Waterbury Walking Tour

Visit Historic Waterbury - A Tour Welcome to the Waterbury Tour. We invite you to stroll the streets allowing yourself to visualize a canopy of stately elms and tall, rounded maples along unpaved narrow streets in residential areas. As you amble along South and North Main Street, recall that in 1927 a devastating flood filled the streets where you now walk with water reaching to the second story of the highest buildings. Tropical Storm Irene again flooded the area in August 2011 with up to si... Read More

Arts & Culture Itinerary

Observe, Listen, and Reflect: Waterbury’s Uncommon Culture Waterbury’s arts and music scene is vibrant and energized. In this town, you can’t go very far without encountering one or both, and that’s just how we like it. We even have a whole event celebrating the arts - Waterbury Arts Fest - an annual summer event showcasing artisans from across the region. It  draws visitors from near and far for a day filled with food, music, fun, and art. We hope you can come to... Read More

Spin Cycle: Mountain Biking Mecca

Spin Cycle: A Mountain-Biking Mecca Accessible trailheads, dynamic terrain, and interconnected riding networks have transformed Vermont into a mountain-biking mecca. Whether you are a first timer, weekend warrior, or have a growing bucket list of trails, you’ll find rides for every ability ranging from peaceful to adrenaline-pumping. Waterbury offers bike-friendly accommodations with washes and secure lockups. For up-to-date maps and information on Waterbury’s local bike trails... Read More

Waterbury History

If the town had a storyboard, it would chronicle the first footsteps of Native Americans, a town charter granted by King George III in 1763, and manufacturing of tools of the day such as scythe handles and children’s carriages. It would depict an early 1800s settlement of approximately 50 homesteading families in the forest that is now Little River State Park where you can still see evidence of lives as subsistence farmers. It would show that when the railroad arrived in 1849 regional comm... Read More