The holiday shopping season is almost here and so is Wrap It Up & Win! Shop and dine at 5 participating businesses between November 26 and December 22 for a chance to win nearly six thousand dollars in prizes to local businesses. Weekly drawings will be held on December 1, December 8, December 15, and December 22, and you can enter as many times as you'd like, so there are plenty of chances to win! View the list of participating businesses here, and return completed cards to Bridgeside Books, The Tiny Acorn, or Sunflower Natural Foods; cards must be turned in by the Tuesday before the drawing to be included.


The list of winners will be updated below after each drawing. Winners will be contacted by phone and gift certificates can be picked up at The Tiny Acorn during normal business hours.


View the list of participating businesses and learn more about holiday promotions here.



All Points Wellness Acupuncture & Massage Therapy - Gail Pelkey
Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery - Steve Hung
Bargain Boutique - Julie Wilder
Ben & Jerry's - Michael Marchand
Ben & Jerry's - Leona Robinson
BHAV Spa & Boutique - Erin Broe Swafford
Bicycle Express - Sharon Baade
Blackback Pub - Wendy Steager
Brave Coffee & Tea - Madison Byrd
Bridgeside Books - Krista Battles
Cold Hollow Cider Mill and Applecore Luncheonette & Brew - Edie Beatty
Craft Beer Cellar - Veronica Pierce
Danforth Pewter - Janice Sherman
Evergreen Gardens - Haley Aylward
Green Mountain Dry Goods - Aleks Ziva
Hannon Home Center - Patti Martin
Hen of the Wood - Patty Haverstick
Hender's Bake Shop & Cafe - Patricia Tedesco
Hometown Tours & Rides - Larry Ewell
Jeremy Ayers Pottery - Allison Grenier
C's Bagel Cafe - Kathleen Pellegrino
Lake Champlain Chocolates - Jamie O'Donnell
Lake Champlain Chocolates - Margaret Luce
Lasting Image Salon - Evelyn Evarts
LaStrada Bakery - H. Rickers
McGillicuddy's Irish Pub - Rod LaMothe
Michael's On The Hill - Jessica Vigil
Northern Lights Family Chiropractic - Laurie Flaherty
OPEN Community Acupuncture - Tammy Rost
Pack & Send Plus - Alex Houston
Paprika Catering Company - Julie Morse
Park Row Cafe - Denise Rundle
PK Coffee - John Conrad
Prohibition Pig Restaurant & Brewery - Debbie Austin
Smugglers' Notch Distillery - Gale Badeau
Stowe Street Cafe - Allison Mansfield
Stowe Street Emporium - Bill Andrus
Sunflower Natural Foods - Govinda Sumberg
Sunflower Salon & Boutique - Cathy Plas
Tabbatha Henry Designs - Jonathan Thomas
The Reservoir - Amy Lavery
The Tiny Acorn - Lorie Flynn
The Wine Vault - Lee Kittell
Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea - Ernie Martin
Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea - B. Moore
Waterbury Service Center - Ella Scharf
Waterbury Service Center - Cortland Johnson
Waterbury Sports - Kate Renaud
Waterbury True Value - Doreen Cleary
Waterbury True Value - Courtenay Good
Woodstock Farmers' Market - Ceili Quigley
Yarn - Stephanie Zuccarelle
Yarn - Betsy Ainsworth
Zachary's Pizza - Steve Lotspeich
Zachary's Pizza - Sommer Bucossi



All Points Wellness - Sue Minter
Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery - Betsy Shapiro
Bargain Boutique - Kathy Powell
Ben & Jerry's - Jane Brown
BHAV Spa & Boutique - Jamie McKenzie
Bicycle Express - Vicky Tebbetts
Blackback Pub - Loni Boehme
Brave Coffee & Tea - Lisa Brown
Bridgeside Books - Siobhan Long
Cold Hollow Cider Mill - Amanda Cadieux
Craft Beer Cellar - Ian Shea
Danforth Pewter - Lawrence Dennis
Danforth Pewter - Carissa Brooks
Evergreen Gardens - Ginger Pierce
Green Mountain Dry Goods - Mark Frohman
Hannon Home Center - Amy Scharf
Hannon Home Center - Chris Lee
Hen of the Wood - Peter Brown
Hender's Bake Shop & Cafe - Kristen Fiocco
Hometown Tours & Rides - Isabelle Tibi
Jeremy Ayers Pottery - Marie Gervais
Lake Champlain Chocolates - Tom Buonomo
Lasting Image Salon - Jeanne Galiano
LaStrada Bakery - Amy Hoskins
McGillicuddy's Irish Pub - Barb Farr
McGillicuddy's Irish Pub - Mallory Culbertson
Northern Lights Family Chiropractic - Erika Holm
Old Stagecoach Inn - Christian Magnani
OPEN Community Acupuncture - Nicole Hynes
OPEN Community Acupuncture - Linda Shea
Pack & Send Plus - Anne Decker
Paprika Catering Company - Tammy Cadieux
Park Row Cafe - Sandy Morningstar
PK Coffee - Lynn Schouten
Prohibition Pig Restaurant & Brewery - G. Samberg
Proud Flower and Home Again - Pam Chisholm
Smugglers' Notch Distillery - Ben Osborn
Stowe Street Cafe - Madaileine Kingsbury
Stowe Street Emporium - Emmanuelle Soumeilhan
Sunflower Natural Foods - Tess O'Brien
Sunflower Salon & Boutique - Kirsten Francis Booth
Tabbatha Henry Designs - Rachel Cadwallader
Tabbatha Henry Designs - Suzanne Whitney
The Reservoir - Heidi Hales
The Reservoir - Lee McLendon
The Tiny Acorn - Debra Martin
The Wine Vault - Michele Reed
Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea - Laura Thompson
Waterbury Service Center - Maya Whitehair
Waterbury Sports - Sara Ann Burczy
Waterbury True Value - Mary Koen
Woodstock Farmers' Market - Carolyn Fox
Yarn - Jeanne Ripp
Zachary's Pizza - Bettina Rand



All Points Wellness Acupuncture & Massage Therapy - Anne Zetterstrom
Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery - Darrin Jones
Bargain Boutique - Theo Bennelte
Ben & Jerry's - Tracy Carroll
BHAV Spa & Boutique - Collette Bornemann
Bicycle Express - Tara Aucoin
Blackback Pub - Vivian Fisk
Blackback Pub - Sandy Cahill
Brave Coffee & Tea - Natalie Sherman
Bridgeside Books - Nicole Roscioli
Cold Hollow Cider Mill and Applecore Luncheonette & Brew - Tegan Evans
Cold Hollow Cider Mill and Applecore Luncheonette & Brew - Susan Chalmers
Craft Beer Cellar - Eleanor Riggs
Danforth Pewter - Jessica Sperling
Evergreen Gardens - Paul Morris
Green Mountain Dry Goods - Julie Bock
Hannon Home Center - Pam Chisholm
Hen of the Wood - Caroline Ford
Hender's Bake Shop & Cafe - Louise Mueller
Hometown Tours & Rides - Marion Moore
Jeremy Ayers Pottery - Kate Ruggles
KC's Bagel Cafe - Mark Fuller
Lake Champlain Chocolates - Fran Naramore
Lasting Image Salon - Susan Rickstad
LaStrada Bakery - Sue Thayer
McGillicuddy's Irish Pub - Darlene Evans
Michael's On The Hill - Justina McConnell
Murray Hill Tree Farm - Mike Langlais
Northern Lights Family Chiropractic - Jeralyn Haraldsen
Old Stagecoach Inn - Marybeth Longo
OPEN Community Acupuncture - Andrea Andrus
Pack & Send Plus - Bronwyn Mandigo
Paprika Catering Company - Eric Nealy
Park Row Cafe - Becky Blackman
PK Coffee - Mary Bell
Prohibition Pig Restaurant & Brewery - Serena Wilcox
Prohibition Pig Restaurant & Brewery - Rob Buck
Proud Flower and Home Again - Jason Reichert
Smugglers' Notch Distillery - Max West
Stowe Street Cafe - Lucy Ely Pagan
Stowe Street Cafe - Dale Duckworth
Stowe Street Emporium - Heather Barrows
Sunflower Natural Foods - Deb Blanchard
Sunflower Salon & Boutique - John Burczy
Tabbatha Henry Designs - Megan Rivera
The Reservoir - M. Rickers
The Tiny Acorn - Maya M.
The Wine Vault - Shannon Tremblay
Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea - Ingrid Shelepuk
Waterbury Service Center - Mary Koen
Waterbury Sports - Bonnie Marshall
Waterbury True Value - Lisa Lovelette
Woodstock Farmers' Market - Linda Siegel
Yarn - Jack Revoir
Zachary's Pizza - Jenna Danyew



All Points Wellness Acupuncture & Massage Therapy - Lester Barrows
BHAV Spa & Boutique - Christina Rhoades
Bicycle Express - Elizabeth Barrey
Bridgeside Books - Sara Whitehair
Craft Beer Cellar - Kathleen Foden
Evergreen Gardens - Nancy Oakes
Green Mountain Dry Goods - Kathy Brown
Hen of the Wood - Faye Coscia
Hometown Tours & Rides - Jill Chase
KC's Bagel Cafe - Lisa Sholk
Lasting Image Salon - Jill Chase
LaStrada Bakery - Tammy Smith
Murray Hill Tree Farm - Grant Meixel
Northern Lights Family Chiropractic - Lea Fournier
Pack & Send Plus - Andrea Hutson
Paprika Catering Company - Rhonda Hannon
Park Row Cafe - Andrea Hutson
PK Coffee - Larry Abrams
Stowe Street Emporium - Vicki Dapolita
Sunflower Natural Foods - Larry Abrams
Sunflower Salon & Boutique - Laurie Carcieri
The Tiny Acorn - Tim Fuller
The Wine Vault - Lester Barrows
Waterbury Sports - Tedin Lange
Woodstock Farmers' Market - Heather Barney