The holiday shopping season is underway and the first Wrap It Up & Win prize drawing is behind us!

Didn't win? Don't worry - there are two more chances, with drawings held on December 14 and 21. Click here for more information and a list of participating businesses.

All winners will be contacted by phone with instructions to pick get their winnings.




Axel's Gallery and Frame Shop – Logan Shuman

Aztlan Foods – Heidi Cervantes

Aztlan Foods – Janet Demers

Ben & Jerry's – Besty Austin

BGB Salon – Katelyn Santamore

BHAV Spa – Karen Miller

Bicycle Express – Lee-Ane Martin

Bicycle Express – Loni Boehme

Blackback Pub – Hilary Jessen

Brave Coffee & Tea – Sandy Morningstar

Bridgeside Books – George McCain

Craft Beer Cellar – Laura Thompson

Crossroads Beverage – Cathy Hoffman

Danforth Pewter – Kate McEachern

Evergreen Gardens – Bill Shepeluk

Garfield's Hairdressing – Bob Hammerl

Hannon Home Center – Jennifer Lavoie

Hen of the Wood – Bettina Rarol

Hen of the Wood – Tammy Gresham

Home Again – Diane Murray

K.C.'s Bagel Café – Maureen Hebert

Kinney Drugs – Alyssa Dybala

Lake Champlain Chocolates – Kimberly Volitis

Lasting Image Salon – Faith Raymond

Maplewood Convenience Store & Deli – Chris Nevin

Maxi's Restaurant – John Gallagher

McGillicuddy's Irish Pub – Sarah McShane

Michael's On The Hill – Alayna Howard

Michael's On The Hill – Andrea Andrus

The Old Stagecoach Inn – Sage Goodwin

OPEN Community Acupuncture – Susan April

OPEN Community Acupuncture – Brian MacDonald

Pack & Send PLUS – Sarah Duffy

PK Coffee – Molly Dubois

PK Coffee – Becca Montgomery

Prohibition Pig Restaurant & Brewery – Eleanor Riggs

The Reservoir Restaurant & Taproom – Cathy Plas

Smugglers' Notch Distillery – Mary Bell

Stowe Street Café – Patt Farrell

Stowe Street Café – Madaileine Kingsbury

Stowe Street Emporium – Mary Koen

Sunflower Natural Foods – Sue Rogers

Sunflower Salon & Boutique – Jaia Frank-Adams

Tabbatha Henry Designs – Nick Haslam

The Tiny Acorn – Colleen Ovelman

Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea Co. – Madeline Sullivan-Drake

Waterbury Service Center – Lila Hamel

Waterbury Service Center – Becky Colley

Waterbury Sports – Emily Smith

Waterbury True Value – Beth Gilpin

The Wine Vault – Julie Bock

Zachary's – Amanda Streeter

Zenbarn Farms – Susan Heitner

Zenbarn Farms – Wendy Steager

Zenbarn Restaurant – Amy Odefey



December 14 WINNERS

Axel's Gallery and Frame Shop – Jason Rouse

Aztlan Foods – Phyllis Berry

Aztlan Foods – Sue Lapointe

Ben & Jerry's – Mat Commo

Ben & Jerry's – Amy Scharf

BGB Salon – Michelle Lamson

BHAV Spa – Linda Schliebus

Bicycle Express – Nicole Roscioli

Blackback Pub – Sarah Callahan

Brave Coffee & Tea – Tera Dacek

Bridgeside Books – Marie-A Gervais

Craft Beer Cellar – Lois Hayworth

Crossroads Beverage – Mike Mayo

Danforth Pewter – Walter Peterson

Evergreen Gardens – Angie Coyne

Garfield's Hairdressing – Beverley Young

Hannon Home Center – Rob Buck

Hannon Home Center – Stacey Peterson

Hen of the Wood – Rene Morse

Jeremy Ayers Pottery – Jessica Leal

K.C.'s Bagel Café – Hilary Watson

Lake Champlain Chocolates – Jean Haverstick

Maplewood Convenience Store & Deli – Arty Whitehair

Maplewood Convenience Store & Deli – Heidi Hales

Maxi's Restaurant – Natalie Sherman

McGillicuddy's Irish Pub – Vivian Fisk

McGillicuddy's Irish Pub – Greg Cisz

Michael's On The Hill – Alexandra Pendo

OPEN Community Acupuncture – Marc Sinow

OPEN Community Acupuncture – Becky Blackman

Pack & Send PLUS – Jessica Sperling

Pack & Send PLUS – Catherine Boisrert

PK Coffee – Martha Haynes

Prohibition Pig Restaurant & Brewery – Addie Brown

Prohibition Pig Restaurant & Brewery – Sarah Aceves

Proud Flower – Sarah Schoolcraft

The Reservoir Restaurant & Taproom – Tanner Putt

Smugglers' Notch Distillery – Ginger Pierce

Stowe Street Café – Ken Hurlburt

Stowe Street Emporium – Lisa Hekeler

Sunflower Natural Foods – Lin Campbell

Sunflower Salon & Boutique – Kat DeAngelus

Tabbatha Henry Designs – Margaret Luce

The Tiny Acorn – Gail Pelkey

Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea Co. – Melissa Steele

Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea Co. – Carolyn Fox

Waterbury Service Center – Rebecca Mead

Waterbury Sports – Lisa Sholk

Waterbury True Value – Kay McCabe

The Wine Vault – Anne Imhoff

Zachary's – Resma Towne

Zachary's – Beth Kendrick

Zenbarn Farms – Kimberly Peck

Zenbarn Restaurant – Diane Mongeur



December 7 WINNERS

Axel's Gallery and Frame Shop – Nancy Oakes

Axel's Gallery and Frame Shop – Robin Gecko

Ben & Jerry's – Pete Glynn

BGB Salon – Megan Shea

BGB Salon – Terry Schroede

BHAV Spa – Valerie Rogers

Bicycle Express – Denise Rundle

Blackback Pub – Ingrid Shepeluk

Brave Coffee & Tea – Robert Mink

Bridgeside Books – Eric Weeber

Craft Beer Cellar – Julie Morse

Crossroads Beverage – Lucie Boedecker

Danforth Pewter – Patty Haverstick

Danforth Pewter – Susan Rickstad

Evergreen Gardens – Heidi Hall

Hannon Home Center – Dorothy McDowell

Hen of the Wood – Debra Utton

Home Again – Cindy Senning

Jeremy Ayers Pottery – Erin Lander

K.C.'s Bagel Café – Tammy Smith

Kinney Drugs – Megan Rivera

Lasting Image Salon – Lucy Ely Pagan

Maplewood Convenience Store & Deli – Katharina Cahill

Maxi's Restaurant – Sonja Garon

McGillicuddy's Irish Pub – Kate Dain

Michael's On The Hill – Gale Badeau

Murray Hill Tree Farm – Joseph Wurtzbacher

Murray Hill Tree Farm – Rosemary Mallin

The Old Stagecoach Inn – Patty Kirpan

OPEN Community Acupuncture –

Pack & Send PLUS – Sarah Clark

PK Coffee – Jim Welch

Prohibition Pig Restaurant & Brewery – Harper & April Hayes

Proud Flower – Sue Thayer

The Reservoir Restaurant & Taproom – Amy Hoskins

Stowe Street Café – Cheri Lundblad

Stowe Street Emporium – Jane Murray

Sunflower Natural Foods – Bonnie Marshall

Sunflower Salon & Boutique – Kathleen Ziedins

Sunflower Salon & Boutique – Kelley Mayo

Tabbatha Henry Designs – Darlene Evans

The Tiny Acorn – Ann Brown

Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea Co. – Dan Fram

Waterbury Service Center – Karina McGrath

Waterbury Sports – Danny Ruggles

Waterbury True Value – Katharine Bodan

Waterbury True Value – Joy Richard

The Wine Vault – Candice Brunell

Zachary's – Justina McConnell

Zenbarn Farms – Jamie O'Donnell

Zenbarn Restaurant – Hilary Jansen

Zenbarn Restaurant – Paul Morris




BHAV Spa – Kathy Powell

Blackback Pub – Jim Gallagher

Brave Coffee & Tea – Jason Reichert

Bridgeside Books – Michael Hollister

Craft Beer Cellar – Abigail Blake

Evergreen Gardens – Jack Revoir

K.C.'s Bagel Café – Larry Abrams

Maxi's Restaurant – Dan DeSanto

Murray Hill Tree Farm – Lisa Parrish

Murray Hill Tree Farm – Kim Revoir

The Reservoir Restaurant & Taproom – Brandon Dunn

Stowe Street Emporium – Peter Brown

Sunflower Natural Foods – Jane Brown

Tabbatha Henry Designs – Larry Abrams

The Tiny Acorn – Sara Burczy

Waterbury Sports – Linda Brailey

The Wine Vault – Ashley Gray